The ripper is a multi-purpose large area CNC router-table.
The machine has been designed to fulfill different tasks like PCB-milling, 3D foam-milling and even milling in light metals like aluminium, while still obtaining each application´s different important properties. – in just a single machine! Easy to build – Easy to operate

voLumen – taking advertisement to a whole new dimension

voLumen is a volumetric three dimensional LED display device. Its purpose is to project volumetric animations on the eyes of a human spectator. It mainly can be used for advertisement and entertainment purposes. Because a technology in this form does not exist yet it is quite an eye catcher and especially companies can gain people’s curiosity by advertising their products with voLumen.

viSio – volumetric 3D display device

viSio is the worlds first real volumetric 3D display with the
capabilities of fast animation playback off a SD-memory card. Moreover it has a unique voxel-density specially designed to enable new advertisement possibilites at exhibitions.
Combined with bluetooth technology and an user-friendly Cinema 4D to viSio-data conversion software, makes viSio the most advanced and customer friendly 3D display device. ever.

RowSense – enhanceing rowing sports

RowSense is an rowing-sports handheld training improvement device. Combining an easy to operate, fully graphical user-interface with advanced stroke-detection algorithms and satellite tracking RowSense enables new methods of an efficient rowing training.