ripper is the most versatile hobby CNC ever developed. The 3-Axis CNC was not designed for a specific application – ripper fusions the needs required for fast shape-cutting in wood/PVC and the strength and stiffness required for milling in aluminum and copper. It brings the precision down to fractions of the human hair – and can be build using simple tools! And all that at a cost which puts commercial available CNCs in this price-segment back to the kindergarten.

  • unique construction out of steel and aluminum

    combining cost effectiveness and the advantages of these materials into one machine

  • super easy manufacturing

    all you need is a drill press, sidecutter and patient crafting skills

  • saving money where it is possible

    ripper doesn´t waste unneccassary expensive components

  • boxed gantry design

    light construction – little material demand – but still sturdy!

  • large milling area

    millable space 1150x915x225 (mm)
    max. workpiece dimensions 1400x1145x450 (mm)

  • set up and manufactured in less than 100 hours

    ripper was designed for easy assembling and manufacturing

  • quickly create prototypes and art using CNC technology

    at only takes a couple of minutes till you can hold your precicion milled workpiece in your own hands

  • 100% repeatability


  • small footprint - XXL milling area

    no wasted space  – 75% of the footprint ripper takes up is millable area!