Crafting Visions into Reality

volumetric 3D


Introducing voLumen – a groundbreaking volumetric three-dimensional LED display. Designed to project captivating volumetric animations directly to the viewer’s eyes, voLumen is a revolutionary step in visual technology. Primarily aimed at advertising and entertainment sectors, it offers an unparalleled method for engaging audiences. As a first-of-its-kind technology, voLumen stands out as a true attention-grabber, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to spark curiosity and showcase their products in a novel and memorable way.

  • 1.000.000 voxels

    Powered by an astonishing one million voxels, voLumen effortlessly brings complex objects to life in full 3D.

  • multicolour capabilites

    Experience the magic of sparkling starfields and vivid, Mario-style 3D worlds, all bursting with rich, vibrant color.

  • volumetric animations

    Imagine PAC-MAN coming to life right before your eyes. This isn’t magic; it’s voLumen seamlessly rendering volumetric animations with astonishing realism.

  • easy content creation

    Transform your 3D animations into volumetric masterpieces with ease. voLumen’s unique PC conversion software seamlessly integrates with popular 3D animation tools like Cinema4D, allowing for swift and simple content creation with just a few clicks.

No Dark Magic Involved

At the heart of voLumen’s magic is a sophisticated blend of technology: thousands of LEDs rapidly rotate around a common axis, controlled by precise microprocessor logic. This innovation, combined with the persistence of vision, creates the illusion of solid, volumetric objects.

At the core of voLumen’s technology are tiny RGB LEDs, each meticulously spun around a common axis. The magic happens when each LED is precisely flashed at a specific position in 3D space. This strategic flashing crafts the image directly onto the retina of the viewer, conjuring the illusion of a vivid image.

Thanks to the arrangement of LEDs in multiple layers, the images produced by voLumen possess a remarkable volumetric quality. This layering technique ensures that every LED is visible from standard viewing angles while also optimizing aerodynamic efficiency.

Effortless Content Creation

Crafting animations for voLumen is a breeze with our specially developed PC conversion software. Easily generate content from 3D modeling or CAD software with just a button press. Connect voLumen to a PC via USB, and transfer data to its 16GB high-speed solid-state memory, offering 36 minutes of smooth, colorized 3D playback.

designed to jaw-drop

Every aspect of voLumen has been meticulously designed for silent operation and extended playback. From bolts to wires, each component was selected after months of research.

Constructed for Excellence

Main parts are CNC-milled from solid aluminum and precisely assembled according to detailed 3D-CAD designs. A brushed surface minimizes noise and conceals mechanics, while a glossy acrylic dome adds an aesthetic flair. This makes voLumen not just a technological marvel but also a piece of eye candy, seamlessly fitting into various environments – perfect for any exhibition.

Maximilian Mali explaining the voLumen technology to the TV shows host
maximilian mali featuring in show tm-wissen on austrian tv