Portrait picuture of Maximilian Mali. Smiling with blurred background wearing a blue shirt in casual style.

“Max is a technologist specializing in mechatronics. His diverse abilities allow him to successfully undertake a wide array of tasks.”

I have always been interested in various technologies. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to hone and expand my expertise across a broad range of topics. Starting with being at the forefront of volumetric image creation and working as an R&D engineer, I have most recently developed a new type of coolant lubricant filtering machine for the metalworking industry.

With a specialization in mechatronics, I have contributed at every level, from executive leadership and team management to hands-on hardware and software development and testing. My unique blend of engineering skills and creative thinking enables me to effectively navigate various situations and meet diverse requirements.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am passionate about exploring the natural beauty of the Alps through hiking and climbing, and I also indulge in improvisational theatre. This is complemented by my dedication to various personal side projects, where I further hone my skills and creativity.


Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH – R&D Engineer

epitome GmbH – R&D Engineer, Project Lead Mechatronics

LUBOT Schmierstoff und Prozesstechnik GmbHCAD-Designer, Chief Technology Officer

TV Appearances

(2013) A broadcast segment about the 3D display voLumen in ‘TM-Wissen,’ produced by Terra Mater Studios GmbH